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Generate Quality Inspection Reports in record time. Organize, view and manage your dimensional information. With the ability to automatically import measurement requirements and results to create dozens of reports or charts at the same time, Step Ahead will revolutionize and simplify how your dimensional data is collected, analyzed and reported.

Step Ahead Software

Step Ahead Software PRO:

  • Automatically import dimensional measurement results. Step Ahead Pro's import template technology automatically retrieves dimensional inspection result data from your measurement device - including CMMs, Vision, Video and White Light Systems. Say goodbye to manually transferring, cutting and pasting, or writing macros to transfer your inspection results into your required report format.
  • Industry Standard report formats already designed and ready to use. Industry-standard First Article Inspection / Dimensional PPAP formats such as AS9102 Forms 3, AIAG CFG-1003, and Honda New Model Development Inspection Data Sheet are included. All reports are customizable to meet your report flexibility requirements.
  • Classic Step Ahead Layout Report. The Classic Step Ahead standard 6 piece layout report your quality and engineering team depend on to analyze CMM data is included.
  • Reports are customizable. New report formats can be easily added with Report Designer - design unique headers and footers, pick and choose which columns to report, record results as an actual or as a deviation from nominal, plus many more tools to get the report design you require.
  • Export Data to Excel. The dimensional data can also be exported to Excel.
  • Merge data from multiple sources. Import and merge data from multiple CMM programs or different measurement devices.
  • Basic Statistics calculated and reported. OK and Reject count, Out by, Deviation from nominal, min/max, Mean & Range are available.
6 Piece Layout CFG-1003 Report
Layout CFG-1003


Step Ahead Software PREMIER:

Includes all the features of Step Ahead PRO, plus the following:

  • Capability Statistics Calculated and Reported. Industry standard capability statistics such as Ppk, Pp, Sigma, Cpk, Cp, and Sigma^ are available.
  • Charts for easy visual analysis. Generate charts for all your critical characteristics at once. Control Charts - IX/MR; X-Bar/R; S-Bar/R - Histogram - Position Target Charts.
  • Graphical Title Page. Include plot image of the part the report relates to. Add charts and statistic around the plot image, for a quick and easy to analyze summary of the results.
  • Classic Step Ahead Capability Report. The Classic Step Ahead standard 30 piece capability and statistic summary report is included.
  • Gauge R and R. Measurement results are automatically sorted by operator, trial, and sample. Select from Range and Average and Range formats.
30 Piece Capability Report Process Capaility Chart
Capability Report Process Capability Chart
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